Samurai Siege – Strategy game by Space Ape Games!


Samurai Siege is an Android and iOS simulation strategy game by Space Ape Games. In this game, you play as the leader of a feudalistic Japanese city. You protect your pagoda by building up resources, buildings and troops. You can build dojos to amass troops like samurais, ninjas and archers. You can build watchtowers around the perimeter of your city to guard against the onslaught of enemies. Or you can invade other warring nations. As you play, you will focus on developing the city and upgrading weapons and buildings. There a lot of great hacks for this game. The hacks will give you unlimited resources so you can spend time focusing on killing things.bAndroid and iOS users can become the god of their own little world.There are a variety of different troops and buildings each with their own specialty. It is one of the better simulation games on Android and iOS.

Android and iOS users are going to spend a long time collecting resources, and upgrading buildings in the game. It can be time consuming. You can play for hours on end trying to get up elixir and jade coins, or you can hack into the matrix and play as the god of your own little Japanese Android world. Try getting the Samurai siege hack. It’s basically a hack that allows you to play with unlimited resources. That way, you don’t have to play for x end amassing resources. Instead, Android and iOS users can focus on mastering the entire game world. The hack will give you which normally have to be gotten from in game purchases. So this definitely makes it anhack worth getting especially when you play against other players. The hack will also allow you to upgrade your buildings and men faster and do.research to move ahead in the game.

This game is quickly becoming the most popular game for Android users. It has reached the top list of Android games in Google play. It is also availiable in an iOS version, but iOS users don’t seem to want to play it as much as Android users. It’s a good game, as far as mobile devices go. The gameplay is tedious though. Simulation games are about waiting not keeping the players occupied. You have to wait for things to get built and troops to get made. You usually have to play around with other things while the game tales you into Android hell. Eventually, you run out of other things to play around with and you just have to set the game down and wait.


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